Turning Business Data into Insights

In today’s world of connected devices, social media, location based services and computerised business systems there is a large volume of data being constantly generated. Businesses already have standard methods of extracting and reporting on this data. Standard reports here refers to the tried and tested reports such as Profit & Loss, Sales Movement, Top-10 Customers and so forth that businesses have been generating for many years now. However, what companies do not sometimes realise is that this data is rich and a lot more information can be extracted from it!

Especially in the context of data generated by business systems, it is possible to turn such data into insights to help the business propel forward. So, the question is how do we turn business data into useful insights? It’s not as hard as it sounds provided you have the right tools and expertise. In today’s market there are numerous business intelligence systems that could help one gain such insight. The cost of implementing such a system could range from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars.

At Ecologital, we believe every organisation, irrespective of their size, should be equipped with a strong analytical solution. With the business intelligence module that’s built into our systems, our customers have moved away from guess work and gut instincts to using concrete insights from their data to more effectively run their business. The result? Our customers who use these tools have a more efficient organisation and are able to leapfrog their competitors.